Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Did Charles Taze Russell Deny the Bible Doctrine of Hell?

Something we keep seeing repeated over and over concerning Russell is that the denied the Bible doctrine of hell. In reality, he did not deny the Bible doctrine of hell, but rather he upheld and defended what the Bible said about hell, as opposed to what self-proclaimed orthodoxy would have us imagine and assume on the scriptures. What Russell denied was the added-on so-called "orthodox" view of hell, which is not found in the Bible, except that one use the great spirit of human imagination in order to "see" that doctrine in the Bible.

Some of Russell's works in which he presented the Bible doctrine of hell as distinguished from the man's self-proclaimed orthodoxy which would add heathen mythology to the Bible.

The Subject of the Atonement - Man

What Saith the Scripture About Hell?

Adam Went to the Bible Hell

Christ's Ascension From Hades

Yahoo Search of Russell's Works for the Expression "Bible Hell"

We have expanded on Russell's findings, giving more detail and refuting some of the arguments of those who wish to uphold adding to and blending into Scripture the Hellenistic mythology. See:

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