Friday, December 16, 2016

Some Quotes From Russell Related to the Races

Promiscuous Association Not Implied 
The Lord clearly teaches us, through the Apostle, that his preferences and favors are alike to all the New Creatures – according to their zeal, according to their love for him and the principles represented in him; and that conditions of sex, race, color, etc., of the mortal body have no bearing with him in his judgment of his people, in his estimation of them, and in the distribution of the final rewards. Knowing the Father's view of this matter, all of the New Creation must take a similar view of it, must esteem all New Creatures in Christ Jesus as "brethren," must be kindly affectioned toward all, must seek to serve all, must know no partiality amongst the brethren, except such as the Lord himself showed – in that he favored and honored those who showed the largest measure of zeal for his cause. But all this impartiality, this ignoring of sex, color, race, etc., belongs to us as the New Creation, and only partially affects our mortal bodies, and their relationship with each other and with the world. Hence, the proprieties of conduct and relationship between the sexes must be maintained by the New Creation. -- The New Creation, pages 489,490 

Obeying the spirit of the truth you recognized that all who trust in the precious blood and are consecrated to the dear Redeemer and seeking to follow his leadings are "brethren," regardless of race or color or education or poverty or homeliness. You reached the point where your heart is so free from envy and pride and selfishness, and so full of the spirit of the Master, that you can honestly say, I love all the "brethren" with a love that is sincere and not at all feigned.  -- Unto the Pure All Are Things Are Pure

We hold that the Lord is no respecter of wealth or of men's persons, but that he looketh at the heart, and that the pure in heart and the sincere in consecration are acceptable to him regardless of color or social or other standing amongst men.  - The Watch Tower, February 1, 1904, page 41.

Originally, we had a graphic displaying many quotes from Brother related to love and the races. The Facebook group that this was linked to evidently has been deleted, along with the graphic linked to. if anyone has those quotes, or any other applicable quotes from Russell, please put them in the comments. There are many more quotes, but they are hard to search for, since the search terms involve bringing up too many unrelated articles.

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