Wednesday, June 14, 2017

If Russell Was Not a Mason, Why Are So Many Saying That He Was?

Why are people claiming that Russell was a member of the Freemasons, when the facts show that he was not a member of the Freemasons?

As far as we know, no one ever claimed that Russell was a member of the freemasons while he was alive. The first such claim we have found appears to be that of a woman by the name of Edith Starr Miller (alias, "Lady Queenborough"), who wrote a book entitled Occult Theocrasy, which was originally published in 1933. Her claim that was Russell was part of a conspiracy of Masons' alleged occult plan to rule the world. In fact, Miller totally misrepresented Russell and what Russell taught in order to make it appear that Russell was indeed an occultist, a Mason, etc. 

Very few, however, took Miller's book very seriously until Fritz Springmeier and David Icke resurrected her teachings and embellished them with all kinds of other alleged "proofs" that Russell was a Freemason, and alleged that he was a member of an alleged "Illuminati" whose goal is to rule the world. From that, others who hate the truths that Russell presented have joined the misrepresentation of Russell as a Mason. Many who profess to be Christian have often supported Springmeier's theory that Russell was of some "serpentine" bloodline, evidently without realizing the contradiction of such a theory to the Bible.

In reality, none of them ever present any actual proof that Russell was Mason (nor could they, since he most definitely never was a Mason), but what they present are their own imaginations and assumptions placed over such symbols as the cross and crown symbol, the sun of righteousness symbol, some quotes of Russell taken out of context (or in some cases, totally reworded to fit the perception they are wishing to display of Russell), etc.

Why? We can only conclude that the "god of this world" is behind this, as he seeks to keep people blinded to any truths Russell taught, and just the presentation of such allegations -- even though they are false -- would certainly seem to put Russell in a bad light in the eyes of many. -- 2 Corinthians 4:4.

Originally published May 22, 2012; updated and republished August 2, 2015; June 14, 2017 - 

Restoration Light Bible Study Services (RlBible, ResLight), Ronald R. Day, Sr.

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