Friday, October 17, 2008

Biblical Study of the Great Pyramid Vs. Spiritism

The claim is being made that pyramidology is a "a spiritistic religion," and, assuming this to be true, therefore it is claimed that Charles Taze Russell was a spiritist. Some refer to "pyramidology" as though it means, "pyramid worship" and claim that Russell worshiped the pyramids. Those who make these claims evidently have little idea as to what true Biblical study of God's Witness in Egypt is about, and are probably confusing such Biblical study with practices of witchcraft, pagan or heathen occultism, "pyramid power," transcendentalism, occultic freemasonry, etc., that are often associated with the term "pyramidology." Indeed, most definitions given in the dictionary appear to ignore the Biblical study of God's Witness in Egypt as being "pyramidology."