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Russell and "Christian Truths"

This is in response a blog on a site called Christian Truths. We will not be providing too much in this blog, but will be mostly giving links to where we have provided information. Please click on the links for more information.

The author evidently considers Charles Taze Russell as having been of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization, when in reality that organization did not exist when Russell was living.

Russell did not believe in an authoritarian organization such as the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Russell preached against demonic occultism, and certainly was not involved in such.

We are shown a picture of the Masonic Lodge building was constructed across the street from the Rosemont United Cemetery, where Charles Taze Russell. The evident design to deceive the reader into thinking that Russell was a Mason because the Masons, evidently several decades after Russell died, constructed a Masonic building across the street from where he had been buried.

We are falsely told that Russell was a "33rd Degree Freemason", when in fact, he was never even a member of the Freemasons' organization.

We are then presented with another picture of the pyramid monument that is in the Rosemont Cemetery, which shows the Masonic Temple in the background. Again, the evident deception that is desired to be promoted by this is that the pyramid monument is a Masonic pyramid. The words above the picture tell us to the notice "the Illuminati pyramid". In fact that pyramid has nothing to do with any secret organization called the "The Illuminati." Such is being imagined and assumed. In reality, that monument was constructed several years after Russell died, as a memorial to those who had died while working at the WTS headquarters. The monument was to be a reminder of the God's witness in Egypt, the Great Pyramid, None of this has anything whatsoever to do with a secret organization called the "The Illuminati", nor with the Freemasons.

The statement is made concerning the picture of the pyramid monument that "this is where Russell is buried." The deceptive implication that this seems to be desired to leave is that Russell was buried in or under that pyramid monument, whereas in reality he was not buried in that monument, nor under that monument.  The pyramid monument was constructed a few years after Russell died, and it is located in the middle of the plot owned by the WTS in the Rosemont Cemetery. However, no one is buried in or under that monument, and there is nothing on or about that monument, that is connnected with the Freemasons' organization. The cross and crown symbol, of itself, is not a Masonic symbol, although many would like one to think this so that they can use that symbol to make it appear that Russell's usage of the symbol means that Russell was a Freemason. Such reasoning, if taken to its logical end, would mean that practically every traditional church denomination there is Masonic, since practically every denomination has used some form of the cross and crown symbology. In reality, what is being presented as proof that Russell was a Mason is what someone has imagined and assumed.

CLICK HERE to see where Russell is buried.

It is claimed that what is presented on the page is "irrefutable proof of the Jehovah's Witnesses are inseparably linked to Satanic Freemasonry." We are not with the Jehovah's Witnesses, and we do not believe in that organization, nor did Charles Taze Russell. Nevertheless, what is being spoken of here is concerning Russell, and thus we need state that, in realty, no proof at all was presented that Russell was linked to Satanic Freemasonry; what was presented is what someone has imagined and assumed.


Russell believed in the Bible hell, but he did not believe in the eternal suffering theories that are often associated with hell. Of the scriptures given, only one relates to the true Bible "hell" (hades/sheol)

Some links regarding the Bible hell:

1 John 5:7 says nothing at all about three persons in one God, nor do 1 Timothy 3:16, Acts 20:28 or Isaiah 9:6 offer any proof that Jesus is the only true God.

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As best as we can tell, "Christian Truths" removed in the original post that we responded to above. Another post now appears dated June 1, 2010, simply entitled "Cults," which is a label often used, especially by those who follow the men who developed the trinitarian dogma, to represent those who refuse to follow Athanasius and other who have developed a false "orthodoxy" for God.

At any rate, the pages allegedly presents "truths" concerning the cults listed; whether the things listed are actually truths regarding the other groups listed or not, we will not address here. Our concern is with what is stated about Charles Taze Russell, and what is presented as beliefs in connection with Russell.

Again, the "Christian truths" belies the truth in misrepresenting Russell as the founder of an organization that he did not believe in. Indeed, Russell preached against such authoritarianism as exists in the JW organization until the day he died. Russell certainly did not believe in the Gospel(?) of bad tidings taught the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Was Russell the Founder of What is Now the Jehovah's Witnesses?

"Christian Truths" further belies the truth by stating that Charles Taze Russell taught that "the church belongs to the ecclesiastical wing of Satan's organization." Search as one may in Russell's writing, you will not find any mention of the church belonging to any ecclesiastical wing of Satan's organization. In this "Christian Truths" fails to present the truth. Russell never used the phrase "Satan's organization" at all. It does not appear in his writings. Russell did teach that the human sectarian church organizations formed by man were part of Satan's Empire (Kingdom); Russell denounced sectarianism, not the church. Although he denounced sectarianism, at the same time he believed that the true church could be found amongst all various Christian sects and denominations. Russell stated: “the Lord in Heaven records as members of His true Church all the saintly — whether Roman Catholics, Anglican Catholics, Greek Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. — and none others…. Do we not see that a part of our mistake was in calling the outward organization the Church of Christ, instead of remembering that the Lord alone writes the names of the Church, that He alone reads the hearts, that He alone is the Judge, and that He alone has the right to blot out the names of those who become reprobates? … We must see that the Church is a comparatively small company of saintly footstep followers of Jesus, irrespective of sectarian lines.” And Russell stated: “all who are worshiping any church organization should be warned. See thou do it not.’ These are thy fellow servants. ‘Worship God.’ `Rev. 22:9`.” He further stated: “so far as the true Church is concerned, the only authority in it is the Lord, the Head of the Church, and his Word, and the words of those whom he specially chose to be his mouth-pieces, the apostles.” And, “we believe that in every nation and denomination there are some true saints of God, members therefore of the true Church of God.” 
Russell and the True Church

"Christian Truths" continues to misrepresent the truth by presenting the false statement that Russell condemned the teachings of the church in all ages. Russell did condemn the false teachings of men who claimed to represent the church, and which teachings have been formed by the spirit of human imagination; he never condemned the original teachings that were given to the true church in the first century.

Did Russell ever say that Christ did not rise from the dead? Absolutely not! Indeed, Russell taught that Jesus did rise from the dead. (CLICK HERE) Indeed, it is the one who claims that Jesus' soul never died who would be claiming that his soul was never raised from the dead, for, following such logic to its conclusion, how can a living soul that is not dead be raised from the dead? Indeed, if Jesus had been living at all, then he was not raised from the dead, but from the living.

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More may be added later, Yahweh willing.

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A Statement from Morton Edgar Regarding Rutherford's "Organization."

Morton Edgar, a prominent writer amongst the Bible Students even in the days of Russell, wrote the following in the latter 1920s, in response to Rutherford's new "organization" doctrine. Edgar's statement reflected the sentiments of many Bible Students living at that time, as they were appalled at what Rutherford was doing with the Watch Tower Society that had been formed for different purposes.

The word “organisation” does not occur in the Bible, and its use is apt to mislead. The Scriptural word is “kingdom”; and our Lord distinctly said that “the kingdom of God cometh not with observation”—with outward show—Luke 17:20. Therefore there is no “visible organisation of God on earth,” as is claimed by some to their undoing.

We interrupt here to note that this what Brother Russell had taught throughout the years of his ministry, right on up to to his death in 1916. The idea that there is no "visible organisation of God on earth" did not originate with  Brother Edgar. It is what Brother Russell had stated many times. For instance, Russell stated: "There is no organization today clothed with authority." (Watch Tower, October 1, 1893, page 1573)  A year later, he stated, "A visible organization is out of harmony with God’s divine plan." (Watch Tower, December 1, 1894, page 1743) That he was still holding to this view in 1915 can be seen from his statement, "There would be nothing to come out of, as an organization, if one is an International Bible Student." (The Watch Tower, July 15, 1915, pages 218, 219) And just before his death, in 1916, Russell stated concerning the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of his day: "Let it be borne in mind that the Society exercises no authority, makes no criticism, but merely gives advice; and that in the interest of the Lord’s Cause and the Lord’s people." (The Watch Tower, August 15, 1916, page 248) Russell consistently refuse accept any special authority over fellow believers. For more related to this, see our links to research related to Brother Russell, Authority and Organization

Brother Edgar continued:
How often Brother Russell warned us against this very thing, and how foolish we shall be if we do not heed his warning. We shall indeed be foolish if we claim that “only through our system or organisation will the heavenly Father accept praise and service”; for this would make it appear necessary for every spirit-begotten child of God to “bow the knee” to the few who have constituted themselves heads of the organisation. The apostle shows that it is only the carnal, fleshly mind that is deceived by such unscriptural claims—1 Cor. 3:1-6, 18-23....
I for one entirely repudiate this talk of “God’s visible organization on earth” during this Gospel Age. It is dangerous talk, and gives rise to all kinds of persecutions and ungodly claims, as anyone who has consecrated reasoning powers can see.... If there was one thing that our dear Brother Russell warned us against, more strongly than any other, it was this very thing. Brother Russell never made any such claim for the “Society” when he was here in the flesh and amongst us, for he knew better. But Judge Rutherford, apparently, does not know enough to keep himself clear of it. In the very first chapter of the first volume of “Studies,” Brother Russell speaks of this “false idea that the nominal church, in its present condition, is the sole agency” for the recovery of the world from sin. -- Published in "Gleanings From Glasgow"
As many have pointed out, as sectarian leadership power increases in the hands of imperfect men, the persecuted become the persecutors of others who disagree with them. When imperfect men claim or attributed such power, a carnal spirit of rulership takes over, and the words of love that Jesus proclaimed are either forgotten or twisted to fit the sectarian claims. Outward love may be claimed by those within a certain sectarian fellowship, but Jesus stated, "If you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Don't even the tax collectors do the same?" (

Our concluding thoughts: While God is allowing sectarian divisions at the present time, as well as persecutions of each other between such sects. the time will come when all of God's people will serve Jehovah "shoulder to shoulder." (Zephaniah 3:9) While many sects claim this as being fulfilled in their own particular group, this, we believe, will have its fulfillment until after Satan has been abyssed so that he no longer will be allowed to deceive the people. (Revelation 20:3) Then, not only will the various sects among Christians fade away, so will all religions of man cease to exist, as all people of all nations learn the ways of Jehovah. (Isaiah 2:2-4)  Jesus will not allow any of the sectarian denominational divisions (heresies) to continue into the age to come. 

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