Sunday, May 17, 2015

Russell and Statements Regarding the Abydos Tablet and More

The following is in response to some statements made in a video regarding the Photo Drama of Creation.

I find it totally amazing how people can find fault with Brother Russell's presentation of corroboration of the Bible in documents such as the Abydos tablet or any other source, as though it is something evil. Instead of being something crazy, it is, in fact very scholarly. To condemn Brother Russell's use of the Abydos tablet as a confirmation of the Bible, if one is consistent, would be condemn any use of any historical document outside the bible at all throughout history to corroborate the Bible, and yet we know that many scholars have and still do make use of many documents outside the Bible to confirm Biblical accounts.

No where did Brother Russell say that Moses was an Egyptian, although Moses was brought up as the adopted son of an Egyptian princess. Brother Russell did quote the Bible as saying "Moses was 'learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.'" -- Acts 7:22.

What appears to be happening is that Brother Russell's statements of corroboration of the Bible as found in the Abydos tablet is being twisted to mean something other than what Russell clearly intended. Any "lies" thought to be be in Segment 21 of the Photo Drama has to be imagined and assumed. It was not Russell that twisted things around, but it does appear that there are those who would twist what Russell presented around to make it appear to be something other than what it was intended to be. He was, in fact, simply defending the accuaracy of history as given in the Bible. See the segment presented in this video at:

Closely related to his, however, is the segment before. See the segment before at:

Nevertheless, Brother Russell was never a member of the JWs, and no such organization existed in Russell's day. Brother Russell was not part of any "governing body" of such an organization. Indeed, he preached against such authoritarianism. See my research: What Did C. T. Russell Teach About “Organization” As Related to the Watch Tower?

It was not until after Russell died that Rutherford created the organization that he later named called "Jehovahs' Witnesses". By 1928, the vast majority of the Bible Students had already in some way rejected Rutherford's "Jehovah's visible organization" dogma. See my research:
Bible Students Did Not Become Jehovah's Witnesses

I myself am a Bible Student, and will be eternally thankful to God that He used Brother Russell to bring forth so many truths from the Bible, especially as to the ransom for all, and why God is permitting so evil and suffering among mankind. Anyone who doesn't do the research and see the Biblical truths he presented are actually Bible Students. Whatever research was done to present this video is in reality faulty, incomplete, and incompetent. It certainly does not represent what Russell taught about Moses correctly. It twists things Russell stated to make it appear to mean something else than what he intended. I highly doubt that whoever did the "research" actually did any extensive research to see what Russell actually did teach about Moses.

I do hope that future video presentations as stated in this video regarding the Photo-Drama are researched more thoroughly than what is presented in this video.