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Rebukes Unwarranted Attack on Pastor Russell (by A. Goodell James)

The following is reproduced from the St. Paul Enterprise , May 15, 1914 issue.

An Open Letter to Editor of The Northwestern Christian Advocate by a Member of Pastor Russell’s Household at Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mr. Elbert Robb Zaring, Editor of Northwestern Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill.

Sir:- Having just had brought to me attention your editorial, in your issue of April 15, in which you make a personal and virulent attack upon Pastor Russell, and having for more than ten years been a member of Pastor Russell’s household, as well as his Office force, I wish, in an open letter, to make in reply some statements concerning which I have full  personal knowledge. These statements I fear will not serve to aid yourself to a correct understanding of facts of which your article shows you speak without knowledge- indeed, with surprising ignorance- and yet with which you presume to deal. But some earnest souls seeking the truth on the subject may be helped by my words. Some day, I believe in the not distant future, you will yourself be brought to see your error; but I do not entertain the hope that you are at present in the attitude of mind to discern the real facts and truth concerning the man whom you have presumed to so defame, although I desire to give you credit for the best motives possible.

Let me say, first, that I was for years an active member of the M. E. Church in Illinois, connected with the old Illinois Conference, and our family were regular subscribers to the Northwestern Christian Advocate. I am very familiar with the tenets of Methodism, as I made it my business to know something of the faith of the denomination with which I was connected, and which I loved. Our home was the home of our pastors, always, and it was my pleasure for years to minister to their comfort in every way in my power. By labor of hands, by regular attendance upon the means of grace, activity in the prayer meeting, by financial support, etc., I contributed as far as I was able to the welfare and advancement of the church of my choice.

But while thus striving to the best of my ability to serve the Lord and to do His will, I was troubled by noting much of the spirit of the world coming into the church I loved; and some of its doctrines, common also to other evangelical denominations, seemed to me sadly at variance with the Love and Justice of God, and out of harmony with reason. I conferred with our ministers upon these subjects; for having them often in my home I had excellent opportunities along this line. They could give me no assistance upon the important points which troubled my mind and heart.

I was a diligent student of books along religious lines- whatever seemed to hold out a promise of real assistance. I read up on Universalism, Evolution, Adventism, Pre-Millenialism so-called, and even Spiritism, etc., seeking for further light, only to cast them aside one after another as unreasonable and unscriptural and dangerous, having each some Truth, but much error. I continued to study my Bible, and to read the "Advocate," and other periodicals along Christian and sociological lines; but still I found not the satisfaction for which I longed.

I went to my closet in earnest prayer regarding my desires, telling the Lord how earnestly I was longing for yet more of His Holy Spirit in my heart and greater light upon His Word. I was indeed earnest. I had come to the point where I must have more help and be able to see what the Lord would have me do. After some days of prayer, and while still engaged in active service of the Church, the books of Pastor Russell came to my attention in a way that seemed amost direct answer to my prayers. I secured the series, at that time but three volumes. Praying to be guided, I diligently read these books. Being of a disposition that could never be satisfied concerning any important matter without sifting it to the bottom, I studied the volumes day after day during all my spare time, proving every statement by the Word of God. I accepted no argument and no conclusion of the author except after the most careful proof by the Scriptures.

I was much pleased by the earnest manner and logical treatment of his subject by the author as well as by his evident sincerity and loyalty to God, and, further, by his urging the reader to prove every statement, I knew that, for the first time in my life, I had found an interpretation of the Word which fully harmonized its every part, which made no statement of Scripture contradict another (which was the difficulty with every system of interpretation I had ever examined previously), but gave the most careful consideration to every statement of the Bible. I learned that the Word of God, to be understood, must be "rightly divided," and must be studied dispensationally.

Questions which had for many years troubled me, and which none of my pastors or religious teachers had been ever able to answer (although some of them acknowledged to me in my home that they were troubled on the same points, or else denied their beliefs in the tenets of Methodism on these doctrines) were all answered to my entire satisfaction and in harmony with sanctified reason in Pastor Russell’s books, and every answer proven conclusively from the Word of God. How my heart rejoiced I actually wept for joy, as I saw the hope for my neighbors and friends, earnest, sincere people, some of whom had died without professing Christ. A flood of light now shone upon me from our Father’s Word, and I loved it as never before. The Lord had indeed answered my prayers. I might say much along this line, but space forbids. Suffice it to say that after receiving this great light upon the Bible, I could not longer remain, conscientiously, a member of a denomination which did not represent what I now saw to be the plain teachings of the Scriptures, and where I could have no hearing regarding any doctrines not taught by Methodism. So, kindly but firmly stating my position and my reasons for my decision, I withdrew from the church where I had long labored. I received much coldness and was subjected to ostracism by many with whom I had labored, but I suffered this gladly for Christ’s sake, knowing that the Lord understood, and that I had His favor and approval. I began at once to do all in my power to bring to other hearts the light which had so wonderfully blessed and refreshed my own heart, and the Lord blessed my efforts in the finding of a number of earnest, Truth- hungry children of God who like myself were dissatisfied with the worldliness and errors of denominationalism. These in turn became light- bearers.

After about ten years of such labor, I was offered a position in the Office and household of Pastor Russell, at the headquarters of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, then located in Allegheny (North Pittsburgh), Pa- I was then living in Chicago. I gladly accepted Pastor Russell’s offer, esteeming this a great privilege. I have now for more than ten years been a member of his family of Christian workers, considering it the greatest honor that could be conferred upon me. For more than five years now, Brooklyn, N. Y. has been the headquarters of this Society, and a most wonderful work is being accomplished, and thousands of earnest hearts have been and are being made glad thereby.

I could relate numberless cases of this kind, both in this land and other lands. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of these, here in America and others across the sea. No honest, earnest heart could meet and know these dear, self- sacrificing children of God and not see the Master’s spirit shining out from their faces and their lives. Your charges, Mr. Zaring, against Pastor Russell, to speak frankly, are so unjust and untrue as to be scarcely worthy of a reply, were it not for sincere Christians who, not knowing the facts, so greatly misrepresented by you (I hope unwittingly), might be hindered from investigating this matter, and thus from learning the falsity of these charges against Pastor Russell and the noble Society of which he is president.

You say: "The other name for Russellism is ‘Millennial Dawn,’ and it is of this we desire to raise a note of warning. We call it ‘Russellism’ because it is the product of one man, Charles T. Russell, who has dubbed himself ‘Pastor’ Russell, although he is not an ordained minister of any denomination and lacks the first requisite of being a pastor- that of caring for some particular flock." I am astonished that any man calling himself a follower of Christ, the Editor, too, of a prominent organ of one of the largest denominations of this country, and one would reasonably suppose, therefore, an exponent of truth and justice, should have the assurance to declare, as if there was no appeal from his assertion, that the Scriptural teachings presented in the works of Pastor Russell are "the product of one man." If you have ever carefully read even one of his books, and have compared its presentations with the Bible, and can then say honestly that these teachings are merely the product of the author’s mind, and not supported by the Scriptures, I am sorry indeed for the condition of mind in which you evidently are. You are either woefully blinded or else are willfully opposing the Scriptures; and I would not wish to believe the latter. You say, too, that Pastor Russell "is not an ordained minister of any denomination." What a confession of weakness of position is such a charge. Where do you, Mr. Zaring, or any other clergyman or churchman, get the authority to state or imply that a Christian who has for almost a long lifetime been a close and prayerful student of God’s Word has no right to proclaim that Word as he honestly understands it, and as widely as possible, for the blessing of his fellows, unless some fallible man in some denomination lays his hand upon him and grants him permission to preach the Word of God?

Who gave you the right or authority to declare that the Bible teaches thus-and-so, and that any one teaching outside of what you and others who call themselves leaders in religious circles have decided to be orthodox are false teachers and should be suppressed? Are you the sole arbiters as to who has a right to preach the Gospel, and as to what constitutes that Gospel? What is true ordination? we ask. Is it the permission of ecclesiastics in some or many denominations of fallible and erring men, or is it the sanction given by the Lord Himself to all who have been taught at the Fountain of Truth, the Word of God; and who have received the anointing of the Holy Spirit?

Shall bishops and priests and reverends in these conflicting denominations decide who alone shall preach the Word? Shall all others be slandered and vilified and misrepresented for daring to utter anything contrary to their fiat? And do even these men all preach and teach alike? Do we not know that these reverend gentlemen rarely agree even among themselves as to Scriptural teaching? Why, then, should they tell us who has a right to preach? Are we not living in a free country? Or has in our day the freedom of conscience for which our fathers suffered in the past, and for which they left their native shores and came to this new land that they might worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences, become a mockery and a dead letter?

You further declare, Mr. Zaring, that "Millennial Dawn" masquerades under the title of the ‘International Bible Students Association. In the name of fairness and honesty we ask, Why do you say that we ‘masquerade’ under this title? Our Association is composed of many thousands of noble men and women, from every nation and from every denomination, true Christians, whose daily lives will bear the closest scrutiny, and who honor the name of Christian wherever they are found. These are banded together for the study of our Father’s Word and are earnestly endeavoring to help and bless other earnest hearts wherever found. Are these, then, not International? Are they not Bible students?

By what authority do you dispute this? If, in harmony with what they believe to be the teachings of Scripture, these Christian people prefer to take no denominational name, to call themselves simply Christians, Bible students, as in the days of the Apostles when the Church was pure, who shall say that they have not this right? And why should they be branded as hypocrites and deceivers for so doing?

If, as you declare, "We have the Students ‘International Bible Conference,’ which is truly interdenominational and evangelical, and is fostered by such men as Bishop W. F. McDowell, John R. Mott, Robert Speer, and other of similar standing," why, I would ask, has this organization, which represents denominationalism, any more right under the laws of God or man to exist than has the International Bible Students Association? Who gave this denominational organization any right to live and work and propagate which is not shared equally by the organization* of which Pastor Russell is president and which is, I venture to say, blessing and bringing the light of salvation to more true hearts than is the "Bible Conference" of which you speak so highly, but of which we have never before heard- which cannot be said of the International Bible Students Association, which is a live, working company of God’s children, as all will testify. The Lord will decide openly in His good time whether these men whom you exalt will receive a higher reward than will the minister of Christ whom you defame.
*Russell himself disclaimed the International Bible Students Association is an "organization".

Space will not permit the answering in detail of all the unworthy charges which you bring against our Pastor, every one of which can be answered to the satisfaction of any honest man or woman who cares to sincerely investigate the matter. Pastor Russell is a thoroughly upright and honorable man in all his business dealings, as all know who are personally and closely acquainted with him. He has, as you say, changed some time since the name of his series of books on the Scriptures, calling them now "Studies in the Scriptures," not to mislead nor deceive any- far from it- but because prejudiced men like yourself, who have either never read his works at all or else are so confused by errors long imbibed as to be unable to see the beauty of the real teachings of God’s Word, have for years been diligently busying themselves trying to frighten the Lord’s flock, to prevent any if possible from reading Pastor Russell’s books and thus learning for themselves that the Scriptures do not teach the blasphemous doctrines taught by the creeds of Christendom, and which were formula ted in a darker time, when our forefathers had not the light now shining upon God’s Book.

We warn you, Mr. Zaring, and others who are using like methods to keep the people from investigating for themselves on these important matters to beware. Do not forget the denunciation pronounced by our Lord upon the Scribes and Pharisees and Doctors of the Law at His First Advent, who taught the traditions of men instead of the pure Word of God, and who vilified and finally crucified the Master, being grieved and angered because he taught the people the Truth, instead of the traditions of the elders. There is a similar class today in nominal churchianity. Let the teachers in the religious world note this fact carefully. The great disaster which came to the Jewish ecclesiastical system in the over- throw of their nation and polity, will soon, we believe, come upon its antitype, in this our day. Let them scoff who will. Some day, in the not far distant future, God’s Word and His faithful shall be vindicated. How comforting the words of the Prophet Isaiah: "Your brethren that hated you and that cast you out for My name’s sake, said: Let the Lord be glorified: But He shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed." So we go on our way rejoicing, knowing that our righteous cause shall yet be vindicated in the eyes of the whole world.

Time and space are too limited to refer to all the epithets which you hurl at Pastor Russell. They are unworthy of any Christian; for if you really knew, if your eyes were open instead of closed to facts, you would be most heartily ashamed of your language and attitude; and you will some day. Some of your statements are really amusing, and we can well afford to smile and let them pass, for their lack of any true foundations and their absurdity will be manifest in due time, and we can wait.

Our periodical called "The Bible Study Club," which you mention adversely, is doing a noble work, and is in every way worthy of recognition and careful study. It is worth many times its weight in gold, as we know by precious experience. Let the scoffing continue if it pleases and relieves you. It is noteworthy that calumny is always the argument of those who have no better weapon. But Truth is mighty, and will yet prevail. As to your charges regarding our Photo-Drama of Creation, now being presented in Chicago (where your paper has its home) and in many other cities; it is a most estimable enterprise, strictly philanthropic and doing a world of good. If you knew, as many others know, how many hearts have been blessed and how many despairing lives have already been reclaimed to God by means of this grand Drama, you would surely be ashamed of your attack, unless too blinded by prejudice to see anything properly. Thousands are daily attending this wonderful production in Chicago, as well as in other cities- without money and without price.

Loving hearts who have been enlightened by the right understanding of the Word of God and its wonderful Plan of Salvation, giving all men an individual opportunity for life eternal, a fair, real opportunity (not two, as you charge), donate gladly to this great work, rejoicing to have a share in thus blessing others and bringing them into the light of God. I could tell you, Mr. Editor, of many cases where a marvelous work has been wrought in the hearts and lives of men which you would not be able to explain away successfully. How can any one who loves the Lord and his fellows oppose so noble a work? They would not if they understood.

As to your charges against Pastor Russell’s private reputation, I will say that some "court records" are very delusive and deceptive things upon which to base a just estimate of a man’s real character. Have you, Mr. Zaring, not yet lived long enough in this world of ours to know that court proceedings and decisions of juries, under the evil conditions of society today, are far from being infallible? Do you know of any cases where justice was dragged in the mire, where prejudice and venom and hatred have perverted justice? Do you imagine that the court records, if any were made, in the case of our Lord Jesus when He was tried before the Jewish Sanhedrin would have been favorable to His case if any one had examined them later? Did the Apostle Paul receive justice at the court of Caesar? The powers behind the decisions rendered in the instances in which Pastor Russell sought justice in the courts- not for his own sake but for the Truth’s sake- succeeded for the most part in securing verdicts favorable to his enemies.

When juries are made up of those who are religiously prejudiced against a Christian minister, and when strong pressure is brought to bear by those who have selfish personal reasons for wishing to ruin his reputation, there is little hope of justice. But when the judgment of the Lord shall be rendered in Pastor Russell’s case, he will then receive the justice which has been denied him in earthly courts. Much light could be thrown on this matter, but this is not the time or place to bring it out. Those who know the man, know also the integrity of his character.

As to "miracle wheat," Pastor Russell’s course has been in the fullest harmony with justice and righteousness. He received the wheat as a donation from friends, with the understanding that it should be sold at $1.00 per pound (which it was well worth), the proceeds to be used to further the noble work in which he is laying down his life by day and by night, for only his bare living expenses. Pastor Russell has not made one cent out of it! I know this to be a fact. The wheat is truly "miracle wheat," as its name implies, though Pastor Russell had nothing to do with naming it- nor any one of our faith.

Pastor Russell never receives one penny of remuneration for all his untiring labors in all parts of the world, but gladly gives his services free of charge that others may be helped and blessed. All donations go intact to further the work of enlightenment in which the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is engaged. And a most benevolent, unselfish work it truly is! Few are able to appreciate the utter unselfishness in the interest of others shown by Pastor Russell, and hence unworthy motives are attributed to him by many, judging him by the ordinary standards of the selfish world. Pastor Russell is a great reformer, and future years will accord him the honor and appreciation which he fails to receive from many now, especially those who name the name of Christ, but who deny Him in teaching, and too often, alas, in practice!

Do you wish, let me ask, to put yourself on record as defending Methodism of today as a proper and true exponent of the doctrines and practice of the Master? Do you believe that if our Lord was now present in the flesh He would recognize present- day Methodism as representing Him? Is it not full of the spirit of the world? No one who knows can honestly dispute this. "By their fruits ye shall know them," declared the Savior. Any one who has associated or been in contact with the members of the International Bible Students Association knows that their lives will compare favorably as Christians with the body of the M. E. church of today. Methodism has drifted far from its original moorings, and its noble founder would not recognize now the Church for which he suffered and toiled.

Again, you say that "the Rev. Mr. Ross shows that Russell organized ‘lead,’ ‘asphalt,’ and ‘turpentine’ companies, out of which he made large sums of money. Suppose he did use his eminent business qualifications to raise more money to further his Christian work? It is certainly true that he followed no course not in fullest harmony with honesty and righteousness. Pastor Russell would far rather give a hundred or a thousand dollars than defraud any one out of a dollar. Any one who knows him knows this. He does not always choose to tell his enemies all his plans, and this is surely his right. He is a poor man today, save in the riches of God’s favor. It is the purest fabrication that he is worth "several million dollars," or ever was worth it. He long ago gave his all for the work of Christ, as well as consecrating his own life and all his great talents to the Lord.

How unworthy in a professed Christian to use unfounded hearsay in an endeavor to ruin the work and influence of this noble man of God, whom to truly know is to love and esteem! Your accusation that "the one doctrine which he advocated, that all persons, however wicked or vile that they may have been in this life, will be raised in a state of Adamic purity and given a second probation" is far from true. He believes and teaches that the world will be raised just as they went into death, and that what follows will depend altogether on the course they then pursue. He teaches that all sin defiles the character, and that in the incoming Age those who went into the tomb sinners will require discipline and stripes in proportion to the light sinned against in this life.

You have surely never given Pastor Russell’s teachings sufficient attention to know what he teaches; for I would not wish to believe that you wilfully misrepresent him. I hope not, at least. We only ask that those who sincerely want to know the Bible as they have never yet known it, will secure his books, sold at a mere nominal price, and read, and thus see for themselves. "If they speak not according to the Word, it is because there is no light in them." Pastor Russell’s books are also loaned free, one at a time, to any who apply and will pay return postage.

Every doctrine taught by Pastor Russell will bear the closest scrutiny in the light of the Bible, which cannot be said of the tenets of so-called evangelical Christianity. he invites such scrutiny and careful comparison with the Word of God- the only true Touch-stone whereby the truth or falsity of any doctrine can be proven. If you, Mr. Editor, had studied the Scriptures as carefully and diligently as has the man you denounce without just cause, you would know much more about what the Word of God really teaches. But we try to view the opposition of the leaders in the nominal church systems of today with leniency, knowing that we once did not see, and assured that all will see and acknowledge their mistake before many years. None can afford to be so generous and charitable as those who know their faith is founded on the Rock of Ages and the sure Word of the living God. So we wait in entire patience until our God whom we serve shall vindicate our cause and His Truth.

I had the privilege of attending the debates between Pastor Russell and Dr. E. L. Eaton of the M. E. Church, held in Allegheny some ten years ago, and to which you refer in your article. Pastor Russell was challenged to this debate and accepted. It certainly seemed that any unbiased mind could see without difficulty which one of these two ministers had the Truth, and which manifested the most of the Master’s Spirit. I remember that at one of the series I felt justly indignant at the unwarranted slurs which Mr. Eaton indulged in, and I whispered to my next neighbor expressing its injustice. A gentleman who sat behind me, a perfect stranger, leaned forward and said, "You need have no fears as to the effect of these words. Anyone can see the difference in the spirit shown by these two men." He was able at once to recognize which was the right spirit, and to draw his own conclusions. As to the dawn of the Millennium, which Pastor Russell believes is near, I will say that if his views of Scripture and the present signs of the times are correct, there will ere long be plenty of outward manifestations convincing to all; and Pastor Russell expects this. And who that is discerning cannot now see and hear the ominous mutterings and rumblings that betoken the coming whirlwind which must burst in fury upon the world before Messiah’s Reign, which is near, will be fully inaugurated? It will truly be a dark night of trouble, but will, thank God, be succeeded soon by the glorious Morning of the New Dispensation, which will open the deaf ears, and enlighten and uplift the entire human family. "For the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God," the Church of Christ, who, as the Revelator tells us, shall reign with Christ as kings and priests in the Kingdom, for the blessing of "all the families of the earth." The "Times of Restitution" are at hand. (Acts 3:19- 21.) How full the Bible is of this glorious Gospel- Glad Tidings indeed, "which shall be unto all people!"

Pastor Russell has never believed nor taught that men can sin with impunity in this life and escape the consequences of their sin. He has always taught that "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." All will receive "a just recompense of reward," not eternal torture, of which the Bible knows nothing. The so- called evangelical churches teach many doctrines not found between the lids of the Bible, but pure paganism, mixed with Christianity in the early centuries of this era. Pastor Russell is leading the true Church of God back into the good old paths of the Lord and the Apostles. "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Also I set a watchman over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken. Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them. Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto My words, nor to My Law, but rejected it."

Truly, "this day is this Scripture fulfilled in our ears," and before our eyes. The religious leaders of our day, as a class, have rejected the Word of the Lord for their own traditions. They are, as shown by the Prophet, desiring to be called by Christ’s name, to "take away their reproach," They are saying, as prophesied, "Let us be called by Thy name, but we will eat our own food and wear our own clothes." They are not feeding from the Lord’s table of precious Truth now so richly supplied in our favored day, nor are they wearing the robe of righteousness furnished by our dear Redeemer. They are not bringing forth "things new and old from the Storehouse" of God’s Word, but are rapidly losing even the very fundamentals of the doctrines of Christ. How few of the religious teachers of today, or of the body of church membership, believe even in the foundation doctrine of the Ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world- that the Son of God left the glory which He had with the Father and came to earth and became a man, and as a man gave His life a substitute for the life of Adam and the race which fell in him. Thus seen, the effect of the Ransom is as far- reaching as the fall, giving all, both dead and living, an opportunity of eternal life through Christ. A wonderful Plan of Salvation- worthy of our God!

Surely God will require at the hands of these nominal shepherds who are leading the Lord’s sheep astray or leaving them to wander far away over the mountains of doubt and speculation this rejection of His counsels. The flock of God under their care are left to browse on weeds or noxious poisons, and know not where to go. But the Lord, true to his promise through the Prophet, is raising up for His sheep shepherds who will feed the flock, and not fleece them. God has yet some true people who are starving for the true Bread from Heaven, and are not receiving it. These must be reached ere they lose all the spiritual life they have left. Hear the Word of the Lord, referring to our own day, as the context shows: Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord, Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people: Ye have scattered and have not visited them. Behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. And I will gather the remnant (only a faithful remnant) of My flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase. And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them; and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord."

God be thanked that this is now being fulfilled. The Lord has indeed set up over His true people, who are longing for His Word above all else, faithful shepherds who are feeding them, giving them "meat in due season." (Jeremiah 23:1- 4; Luke 12:42- 44.) The leaders in Zion have not proven true to their commission, and the Lord now, as at His First Advent, has chosen untitled men of loyal hearts to be His mouthpieces. The verse following our last citation may well be a warning to all who are scoffing at the proclamation of Bible Truth now due to be proclaimed to the people of God.

Pastor Russell is not counting himself "some great one," as you charge, Mr. Zaring, and as you would lead others to believe. He is, on the contrary, one of the humblest of men. His present publicity, as he has repeatedly told his family, is very distasteful to him (for he has always preferred to keep himself in the background), but it is submitted to because in the providence of God it seems to be his duty, and to be laid upon him as a part of his sacrifice of himself and his preferences for others. He has never made the claim of being a Greek or Hebrew scholar, but has all the knowledge of these languages necessary to the proper understanding of the Word of God. God is not using many of the great ones of earth for his purposes (see 1 Corinthians 1:26- 29). Others of our brethren who are able scholars in Greek and Hebrew have proven Pastor Russell’s presentations of Scripture to be thoroughly reliable.

A professor of French in Oxford University has been studying Pastor Russell’s writings in the recent past, and has accepted them as indeed the true teachings of the Word of God and is rejoicing in the knowledge and light thus received on the Bible. He has resigned his professor’s chair and is going to France to take to his people the Truth which has so gladdened and blessed his own heart and mind. Again, a gentleman here in New York city, a lawyer by profession, recently came to the N. Y. Temple to see our Photo- Drama. He has been feeling that he had entirely lost his hold on the Lord, having drifted away from the faith of earlier years. But as he listened and observed, his faith began to revive. He began to investigate and to read the Scriptures and Pastor Russell’s volumes. As a result he has given his heart to God, and is now a consecrated and rejoicing Christian. A minister who attended the Drama stated that he had learned more about the Bible from this Drama than he had learned in his entire course in theological school. So we might multiply instances. Our Society is receiving many, many letters from all parts of the world, telling of the joy and peace and blessing brought to the writers through Pastor Russell’s series of "Studies," and praying God’s richest blessing upon him and his noble work.

If any who are seeking light on this subject will take a run over here to Brooklyn, and visit our headquarters, and see this great company of earnest, enthusiastic Christian workers, and note the spirit of love and harmony and zeal for God that pervades this great, busy hive, it would indeed be a revelation, as so many have testified who have visited us. We have visitors constantly, from everywhere, and they are astonished at the wonderful work carried on here. These earnest Christians are laying down their lives gladly in this blessed service for Christ and His cause.

In conclusion, I will say that Pastor Russell is pastor of the Brooklyn and London Tabernacles, and of Washington Temple, and other congregations. He gives what time he can to these in person, but as his work is world-wide and his responsibilities great, he must of necessity have a number of assistant pastors. He works early and late, every day in the week, and never takes a vacation. His is truly a service of love; and we believe his reward will be great in the Kingdom.

122 Columbia Heights,
May 6th, 1914. Brooklyn, N. Y.

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