Saturday, March 25, 2017

Russell and the Seventh-Day Adventists

From time to time, some authors have made statements to the effect that Charles Taze Russell had been associated with the Seventh-Day Adventists, or that he got his teachings from the Seventh-Day Adventists, or similar statements. In reality, Russell was never associated with the Seventh-Day Adventist organization, nor is there any evidence that Russell obtained his teachings from the writings of any author associated with that organization.

The confusion appears to be that many fail to distinguish Adventists in general from the Seventh-Day Adventist organization. Russell obtained a lot of his basic beliefs from George Storrs, who is often associated with Adventists, but George Storrs was never a member of, nor did he believe in, the Seventh-Day Adventist organization. Likewise, Russell received much of his understanding of time prophecy from N. H. Barbour. Barbour was associated with the "Second Adventist" movement, but not the Seventh-Day Adventist organization.

To many this may seem to be not important, but it is because the false idea that Russell received his beliefs from the Seventh-Day Adventist organization that can lead to many wrong conclusions about what Russell taught and believed. Many have entertained the false ideas that Charles Taze Russell claimed to have restored the one true church (similar to the SDA belief and the Jehovah's Witnesses belief), that he claimed to be a prophet receiving visions (similar to Ellen G. White's claims and the authoritarian claims of the JW leadership), that he started the JW organization as the only true religion, and many other things.

What did Russell believe about the Seventh-Day Adventists? We are providing some links below that related to this. Please note that "Adventist" is actually not necessarily a synonym for "Seventh-Day Adventist," although many may use as though it is. 

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