Sunday, June 25, 2017

Postings: Russell and 1914

Some of these have not yet been restored from the old site; God willing, we be providing the links later.

Alleged Failure of 1914 and Misrepresented Historical Claim
Beginning of the Time of Trouble – Quotes From Russell
CTR’s Expectations Concerning 1914
CTR’s Expectations Concerning 1914 – Intro
CTR’s Expectations Concerning 1914 – Part 1
CTR’s Expectations Concerning 1914 – Part 2
CTR’s Expectations Concerning 1914 – Part 3
CTR’s Expectations Concerning 1914 – Part 4
Did Russell “Await the Rapture” On the Mount of Olives? 
Did Russell Change the End of the Gentile Times to 1915?
Did Russell Claim to be a Prophet?
Early Quotes Regarding 1914
End of the World in 1914?
End of the World Issues and the JW Organization
Gentile Times: When Do They End? (CTR – 1876)
History to End in 1914?
Jehovah’s Witnesses – Publishing Titans (Response Concerning Charles Taze Russell)
JW Claims and Russell’s Expectations Regarding 1914
Occultism and the Great Pyramid (CTR WordPress Link)
Parousia “Didn’t Happen” in 1874?
Pastor Russell in Reply to Critics
Reply to “Witnesses Keeping the Faith”
Responses Concerning Russell’s Alleged Predictions of the “End of the World”
Russell and the Great Pyramid
Russell Used Astrology?
Russell Was Not the Founder of the JWs
Russell’s Changes to the Scripture Studies
The Alleged “Clear” Occultism of 1914
The JW Organization, Armageddon, 1914, and Russell
Universal Anarchy — Just Before or After October, 1914 A.D.

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