Saturday, May 15, 2021

Beware of False Reports and False Insinuations

Beware of False Reports

A book entitled Beware of False Religions and Pagan Traditions, presents the following picture with following claims: 

""Below is a photo of where Jehovah's Witness' [sic] founder, Charles Taze Russell, is buried in the Greater Pittsburg Masonic Center Cemetery. As you can see, Satan is behind ALL false religon. Notice the creepy illuminati pyramid ...""

We do not have a copy of the book quoted, and we can only present what is included in pages as given in Google books.

The first false report in the above is that Charles Taze Russell is the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. We should note that Russell was never a member of  the "Jehovah's Witnesses." He preached against such an organization, and he preached against the kind of message that the Jehovah's Witnesses present. He was definitely not the founder of that in which he did not believe, and which he preached against. For links to some our research related to Russell and the Jehovah's Witnesses:

The second false report in the above is insinuation that the pyramid in the picture is "where" Russell was buried, which to many reader's minds would mean that Russell was buried in or under that pyramid. Actually, the pyramid monument is not "where" Russell is buried. The picture given does not actually show Russell's grave. His grave is near that monument, but no one is buried in or under that pyramid monument. A few years after Russell died, Joseph Rutherford authorized this replica of God's Witness in Egypt (Isaiah 19:19) in the middle of the plots then owned by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society in the Rosemont Cemetery. For links to some of our research related to Russell's grave:

The next false report is related to the claim that Russell is buried in the "Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center Cemetery." Search as one may, one will not find any cemetery in Pittsburgh by such a name. One will find the "Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center" across the street from the Rosemont Cemetery, but there is no connection between that Masonic Center and the Rosemont Cemetery. The Rosemont Cemetery, where Russell is buried, was established in the year 1905. There was no Masonic Center near that cemetery at that time; there was no Masonic Center near that cemetery when Russell was buried there in 1916. Indeed, there was no Masonic Center near the cemetery until the mid-1990s. decades after Russell had died.

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