Cross and Crown

Russell and the Cross and Crown

Below are links to our research related to the usage of the Cross and Crown in answer to charges that this symbol is exclusive to the Knights Templar, etc.

Cross and Crown References

Is Russell Buried In or Under a Pyramid?
Is the Cross a Pagan Idol?

Masonic Symbols?

Response to "JW Freemasonry Proven" Video

Russell's Crown and Crown Symbolism - Masonic? Rosicrucian?

Sources For Russell's Imagery Requested

Watchtower Symbols Similar to Freemasons

Related material present by others (We do not necessarily agree with all conclusions presented by the authors linked to below):

Cross and Crown (Wikepedia)

Constantine and Christianity  (Includes some revealing information about Constantine's alleged "By This Sign" vision.)

What is the Meaning of the Cross and Crown?

No Cross, No Crown (David L. Larsen)

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