Great Pyramid

Russell and the Great Pyramid

Biblical Study of the Great Pyramid Vs. Spiritism

Charles Taze Russell, The Jehovah's Witnesses, One World Government & The Last Days

Era Charles Taze Russell un masón?

God's Witness in Egypt

Is Russell Buried In or Under a Pyramid?

JWs, Jesuits and Charles Taze Russell

Masonic Symbols?

Occultism and the Great Pyramid

Pyramids - Christian or Pagan?

Russell's Cross and Crown Symbolism -- Masonic? Rosicrucian?

Russell and the Alleged Occult Connection

Russell and "Christian Truths"

Russell, the JWs and the Great Pyramid - Video Reply

Russell's Alleged "All or Nothing" Statements

Russell's Changes to the Scripture Studies

Russell's Changes Related to the Great Pyramid

Russell's Pyramid Tomb?

Strange Prophecy of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Great Pyramid

Strange Teaching of Pyramidology

The All-Seeing Eye

The Temple of God

Was Russell Buried In/Under a Pyramid?

Watch Tower Symbols Similar to Freemasons


The Corroborative Testimony (Study 10 of Thy Kingdom Come)


The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Bible Students — Interview (English/Portuguese) with Bro. Jeff Mezera (Video)

Saiba TUDO sobre a “Pirâmide de Russell" (Video)

Is the Great Pyramid the Bible in Stone or part of Satanic Worship?

The Great Pyramid Witness of Jehovah

Was Charles Taze Russell Associated with the Occult and Pyramidology?

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