Brother Russell evidently accepted the appointment as Pastor of the congregation in Allegheny around 1876. Many have claimed that God has given authority only to "recognized" men to ordain anyone as a pastor. Oddly, this is similar to the claims of the Jehovah's Witnesses. At any rate, either way some authority is being attributed to certain men, usually based on acceptance the trinity dogma, which is no where to be found in the Bible. Below is some related research and articles from Russell himself concerning ordination and his being "Pastor."

Russell Replies Concerning His Ordination (by C. T. Russell)

Russell's Responses to J.J.Ross

The Twelve Apostles -- Their Calling, Office, and Authority (by C. T. Russell)

Pastor Russell in Reply to Critics

Walter Martin Misrepresents Russell

Complete Refutation of Attack on Pastor Russell (by W. H. Bradford)

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