Monday, November 7, 2016

Russell, the Freemasons and the Rosemont Cemetery

I am presenting here some claims being made regarding Russell and the Freemasons.

It is claimed that Russell was a FREEMASON; of course, Russell's works overwhelmingly testify that Russell was not a Freemason.

It is claimed that Russell is buried in a cemetery that is own by the Masons, and that there is a road in cemetery called "Masonic Way". Actually the road called "Masonic Way" is in between the Cemetery and the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center.

I do not believe the Rosemont United Cemetery is "owned by the Masons." I called the Rosemont Cemetery and was told that it is not owned by the Freemasons. It is not a Masonic cemetery. The present owner is listed as Nigel Bentley; I don't know if he is a member of the Masons are not, but even if he is, the cemetery itself is not a Masonic cemetery. Like most other cemeteries, there are Masons buried there, but it is not exclusive to Masons.

The "Masonic Way" was constructed as a result of the construction of the Masonic Center in the mid 1990s. In other words, the name "Masonic Way" is named after the Masonic Center that was constructed in the mid-1990s. According to the link provided below, the first meeting was held in that Center April 24, 1996. There was no Masonic Way nor any Masonic Center at that location when Russell was buried in the Rosemont Cemetery back in 1916, nor did Russell have anything to do with the construction or naming of either.

It is claimed that the Masons didn't believe in a literal hell either.

The literal hell of the Bible is described in Ecclesiastes 9:10. The Masons, as such, do not have a belief about hell. There may be Masons who have differing thoughts about what Hell is, but whatever their thoughts may be, it does not make it official Masonic teaching. While one does not need to profess to be Christian in order to the join the Masons, one does have to claim to be a Christian to join the Knights Templar. I don't know if any of the Knights Templar "Orders" require some certain belief about hell or not; they may do so. Many them require that one believe in the trinity doctrine, which, of course, Russell did not believe in that doctrine. Nevertheless, since most, if not all, the Knights Templar do believe in the trinity, it would have made it very difficult for Russell to have been member of the Knights Templar.

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