Russell's Gravestone

Russell's Original Grave Stone

Is Russell Buried In or Under a Pyramid?

Masonic Symbols?

Russell and the Alleged Occult Connection

Russell's Cross and Crown Symbolism -- Masonic? Rosicrucian?

Russell's Pyramid Tomb?

Russell, the Freemasons and the Rosemont Cemetery

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Saiba TUDO sobre a “PirĂ¢mide de Russell" - Video In Portuguese with English captions.

1919 Bible Students Covention Report - This report makes it appear that Russell authorized the building of the pyramid replica. However, there is no written record from Russell's own works that he authorized such a monument to built. Otherwise, it does show the building of that monument, and Russell's original gravestone close by.

A Short History of United Cemeteries - The history shows that it is definitely not a Masonic cemetery/

United Cemeteries Revisited

William Morris Wright and Charles Piazzi Smyth

The Russells and the Allegheny Cemetery (with a nod to Rosemont)