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Masonic Symbols?

This is in response to a site which, although directed at the JWs, presents mostly misinformation concerning Russell (who was never associated with the JW organization). The page is filled with deceptive graphical displays with sentences designed to place in the mind of the reader negative thoughts concerning Russell. Practically every sentence on the page contains deceptive falsehoods.
For instance, whoever took the pictures of the Masonic Temple that was recently built next to the Rosemont Cemetery very evidently should have realized that there was no actual connection between the Masonic Temple and the Pyramid monument, so we can only assume that this kind of deception is deliberate, that is, that the alignment of the pyramid monument in the Rosemont Cemetery with the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Temple across the street is evidently done so as to make it appear that there is some kind of connection between the two. In reality, the Masons did not build that temple across the street from the cemetery because there was a pyramid monument on the WTS plot of the Rosemont Cemetery. However, the implication is that in some unexplained way, there is a connection between the Masons' Temple and the pyramid, and this unexplained imaginary connection is presented as “irrefutable proof that Jehovah's Witnesses are inseparably linked to Satanic Freemasonry.” This remark is made, of course, with the assumption that Russell was associated with the "Jehovah's Witnesses".
Another false connection is endeavored with the “cross and crown” emblem that is used on the pyramid, and a picture of the “cross and crown” that appears on the Watch Tower is presented, and it is claimed that this is a picture of the Masonic cross. In reality, this emblem is not a “Masonic cross”, although the Knights Templar (who profess to be Christian) use a similar emblem. A picture is presented of a Masonic Meeting Hall, evidently used by the Knights Templar, which displays a “cross and crown”, but which is not exactly the same as the “cross and crown” that is shown in the Watch Tower.
Fritz Springmeier, simply based on his own assumptions, asserted as fact that the cross and crown symbol used by Russell was the "Knights Templar symbol" or "Knights Templar Logo".
However, it should be made known that Russell's usage of this symbol on the Watch Tower is being singled out, since churches of practically of every denomination have used similar imagery for centuries. So if the usage by the Watch Tower of this emblem means that the Watch Tower is Masonic, then so are these other religious groups Masonic, including Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Presbyterian, Church of England, and many others. The point is, however, that if Brother Russell’s usage of the “cross and crown” symbol is proof that Russell was a mason, then the same charge should be laid against practically every Christian denomination. Actually, while there is no “Masonic” cross, nor a “Masonic” cross and crown symbol, the Knights Templar did take a form of the cross and crown from the traditional church usage, but it is not the exact same form that appeared on the Watch Tower. One could term their usage to be a usage of the cross and crown as that of the “Knights Templar”, but this usage by the Knights Templar does not project upon the whole of the Freemasons, so that it could be called a “Masonic cross”. In other words, while the Knights Templar use this symbol, the Freemasons as a whole do not. Indeed, not all Freemasons claim to be Christian.
Regardless, the idea that Russell used a “Masonic cross” has to be imagined, assumed, and read into the usage, and then one has to further imagine, assume and read into the first assumption that these assumptions mean that Russell was a Mason, which he flatly denied, and which thousands of printed pages of his works attest that he was not. Surely, anyone who is truly familiar with Russell’s works can immediately recognize the falsity of the charge that he was a Mason, or that he had some kind of secret “Illuminati” goal that some have alleged, and evidently that he was openly sabotaging his real goals by his public religious ministry. The whole idea is preposterous, to say the least.
The Watch Tower
It is claimed that the name Watch Tower is of the Masons, and therefore the symbology of The Watch Tower that Russell used is that of Masonic symbols.  The name of the magazine that Russell created, "The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence", is claimed to be taken from the Masons, and the drawing of a Watch Tower that appeared in the magazine is claimed to a Masonic drawing.
The symbol of a watch tower is used in the Bible; a watch tower is not of the Masons' organization, nor is a symbol of a watch tower. Indeed, one has call upon the spirit of human imagination to make it appear to be so. Some who claim that that it is Masonic go on to claim that the Masons have corrupted the Bible, because the Bible speaks of such.  See the King James at 2 Chronicles 20:24; Isaiah 21:5,8; 32:14; Jeremiah 6:27; Habakkuk 2:1.
Russell's usage, however, of the Watch Tower was to denote symbolically a "watchman" as seeing things from a tower; his usage of that symbol had nothing at all to do with the Mason's organization. (Isaiah 21:6,11,12) Every Christian should be such a watcher in spiritual Zion, not only of the times related to  prophecy, but also as related to other matters of the world that could influence the Christian. -- Matthew 25:31; Mark 13:19,33,35; Luke 21:8; 1 Corinthians 16:13; Ephesians 5:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:6; Revelation 3:3.
The title Brother Russell originally gave to the magazine, "Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence," is in no wise whatsoever Masonic, but is based on the Bible itself. To those familiar with Russell's works, it may even seem to be ridiculous that anyone would think that name would be of significance to the Freemasons' organization. That name depicted a service to "spiritual Zion", the church, as a watcher, and promoted scriptural admonition for all Christians to be watchers. Russell, however, later changed the name to The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence. (This may have been in reaction to those who thought the word "Zion" meant that the magazine is was a Jewish magazine, or that is was promoting Judaism.)
The Watchtower of today, however, is not the same as the Watch Tower as Russell created; it has become the tool of the leadership of an organization that Russell never taught.
See: Russell, Authority and Organization
Winged Sun Disk
Some similar false views presented on other sites (Please note that while we provide links to these sites, much of what appears on the pages linked is false assumptions presented as though fact, and which, of course, we certainly do not agree with):
One states:
"Charles Taze Russell was a 33rd degree Freemason & a member of the Knights Templar organization. Notice the Freemasonry Cross."
Another falsely presents pictures of Brother Russell's Watch Tower as "promoting masonic symbols."
Another site falsely states: "Russell was buried with a pyramid site marker or headstone if you will, with Masonic symbols engraved on it."
One on Printerest comments concerning a picture of Brother Russell's Watch Tower that is shows "Masonic symbols." Brother Russell, however, was never associated with the "Jehovah's Witnesses".
Another site falsely states: "Esta es la inscripción de la misma pirámide de arriba, donde está enterrado el fundador de los Testigos de Jehová, y el masón de lo oculto, Charles T. Russell." Translated via Google translate: "This is the inscription above the pyramid itself, which is buried the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the occult Mason, Charles T. Russell"
Another falsely presents Brother Russell as "having been involved in the occult (that is, things such as necromancypyramidologyMasonic symbols etc)."
Another falsely states concerning Brother Russell, "he was a Freemason, as the Cross & Crown image on the Watchtower bore out."
Above originally published May 1, 2009; updated and republished December 2, 2014.


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