Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Russell's Death on Halloween and Alleged Toga Scene

One has claimed that "they found him dead aboard a train in Texas Halloween night (devils night)"

I am not sure who "they" is who is supposed to have "found him dead". Menta Sturgeon was with Brother Russell when he died. The fact that he died on Halloween night is irrelevant, not unless one believes that no servant of God could possibly die on that night, or that everyone who dies on Halloween night must be evil. All days and nights belong to God; no day or night become something evil in itself because what some may observe on any day or night.

However, Russell died on October 31 in the early afternoon, before Halloween began. He did not die on Halloween night.

It is claimed that "they" found him wrapped in a toga; other claim that Russell asked to be buried in a toga. Again, I am not sure who "they" is that is supposed to have found him wrapped in a toga. Russell, however did not asked to be buried in a toga.

Sturgeon is recorded as reporting that Brother Russell found that the blankets that were wrapped around him were uncomfortable. Sturgeon claims, that although Russell's words were hard to understand, that Brother Russell asked for a toga. Sturgeon reported that he -- Sturgeon -- did not understand and thus Brother Russell took 2 bed sheets, pinned them together to fit over his shoulders and hung them over his shoulders. I highly doubt that Brother Russell was asking for a "toga". Sturgeon more than likely misunderstood what he said; it is also possible that Sturgeon's wording in his report may have been influenced by Rutherford. More than likely Brother Russell was just trying to find some comfortable way to keep warm. Sturgeon's report may be found online at:

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