Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Great Battle in the Ecclesiastical Heavens

CLICK HERE to see the text of this booklet.
"Pastor Russell needs no defense amongst those who know him." And this still remains true today for those who know him through his writings. However, the false accusations and misrepresentations seem to have become even more widespread today, and very many people are being misled to think evil of Russell as a result.
The link takes you to "A Great Battle in the Ecclesiastical Heavens", the text of a booklet that discusses many of the charges that were made against Russell: miracle wheat "fraud", charges of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Russell's ordination, Russell's divorce, alimony claims of Ross, alleged stocks, United States Investment Company, Russell alleged to be a kidnapper, Russell's alleged wealth, fish story, adultery, the Ross Libel suit, and more.
Although this booklet was written Joseph Rutherford, who later turned against the ransom for all, at the time that Rutherford wrote this, he was associated with Charles Taze Russell in defending that doctrine, and Russell himself approved this booklet.

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