Monday, January 9, 2017

The All-Seeing Eye

Many have claimed that there is an "all-seeing eye" on Rutherford's pyramid monument, which monument is often mistaken to be Russell's tomb,  From that they would imagine and assume that such an "all-seeing eye" has to be something pagan, evil, sinister, and or "Masonic", etc.

The original design (which may be seen in the 1919 convention report) of Rutherford's pyramid does not call for an "all-seeing eye".

I have seen some pictures of one side of that pyramid that one could, with some imagination, "see" an all-seeing eye on its capstone.

If there is now an "all-seeing eye" on Rutherford's pyramid, I suspect that someone may have etched it there sometime later.

Russell did use artwork in the Photo-Drama to represent Jehovah's "all-seeing eye". I have no serious objection to such use of itself as symbolizing Jehovah's all-seeing eye. (Deuteronomy 11:12,25,28; Psalm 33:13,18; Ezekiel 7:9) Such usage, however, does not call for one to ignore Russell's life-time works so as to imagine and assume that Russell's usage of the Biblical imagery of Jehovah's all-seeing eye is Masonic, evil, pagan, etc. Although it is possible that the Masons may use such symbolism, their use of it does not mean that the symbol itself is Masonic, or that anyone who uses a symbol of the "eye of Jehovah" must be a member of the Masons.

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