Thursday, December 24, 2009

Russell's Pyramid Tomb?

Another video has been posted on YouTube (and on a site) about Charles Taze Russell.

Practically every sentence contains a falsehood, putting it politely.

The video starts by showing a scene of the pyramid monument that stands in the middle of the Watch Tower Society plot of the Rosement Cemetery in Pittsburg. The tone is set by the use of the word "weird" and the manner of presentation. The idea of weirdness is focused on by the claim that this pyramid wins "first prize" as being the most weird site in Pennsylvania. Of course, many claim the Bible is weird also, and yes, what is revealed through the Bible is indeed weird to the unregenerated, and even to the babes in Christ whose minds have not developed beyond the carnal reasoning. -- 1 Corinthians 2:6,7,8,14; 3:1.

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Pyramid Monument Not Russell's Tombstone

The first thing to note is the reference to the pyramid monument as a "pyramid tombstone" and "Russell's tombstone." In reality, the pyramid monument is not a tombstone. No one is buried there. The video itself later shows Russell's tombstone, so the maker of the video should have known that the pyramid monument is not a tombstone.

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Russell Was Not the Founder of Jehovah's Witnesses

The video correctly states that Russell was the founder of the Watch Tower, but then associates this with the "Jehovah's Witnesses." Russell was indeed the founder of the Watch Tower magazine, but Russell was a non-sectarian who did not believe in an authoritarian organization such as the "Jehovah's Witnesses." After Russell died, Rutherford -- by means of deceit and legal trickery -- gained control of the legal entity, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and used that entity as a basis to form his new organization, which he later called "Jehovah's Witnesses". Actually, Russell's Watch Tower ceased to exist, and was replaced by Rutherford's new Watch Tower.

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Russell Did Not Build that Pyramid

The video claims that Russell built that pyramid monument. Russell, of course, was dead at the time the pyramid was built and certainly did not build that pyramid. The pyramid monument was built several years later by Rutherford.

The Cross and Crown Symbol

We are next presented with a view of the Cross and Crown symbol that appears on that monument, and the false claim is made that this is the "sign" of the secret organization, the Freemasons. In reality, it is not! The Knights Templar (a subset of the Freemasons who profess to be Christians) do use a similar "cross and crown" symbol, but it is not exactly the same symbol, nor is the symbol itself "Masonic" simple because the Knights Templar make use of that symbol. The Knights Templar use the Bible itself; does this mean that the Bible is of the Freemasons' organization. or that the Bible is a "Masonic book"?

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The Alleged Freemason's "Kingdom Hall"

We are next presented with a view of a building across the street from the cemetery, which is in fact the "Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Temple". This temple is being falsely presented as the Freemason's "Kingdom Hall." Being charitable, we will only say that such deceptions mimic the greatest deceiver, Satan the Devil. (Revelation 12:9) In reality, the Masonic temple that was constructed several decades after the death of Charles Taze Russell has nothing to do with either Russell, or Rutherford's pyramid monument built long before the construction of that temple. Russell, of course, never had anything to do with the Jehovah's Witnesses' "Kingdom Halls."

Creepy Tombstone?

We are next asked why did Russell build this "creepy" tombstone? As stated before, Russell did not build this monument, nor is this monument a "tombstone," but the focus here is on the another word used to set the tone, that is, "creepy". It should be obvious that such language is utilized to an effort to put the reader in the frame of mind to agree that the monument is creepy. The monument is indeed strange, but the video never presents the truth about the Russell and his study of the Great Pyramid as related to the Bible. The reason given is the false statement that is related to the next subtopic:

Russell Was Into Cults?

The false reason given concerning that monument's being built was that Russell was "into cults." What "cults" these are is not identified, but we are presented a graphic, evidently from the Knight's Templar, of a the Great Pyramid equipped with the eye of Jehovah (Psalm 33:18), a ladder equipped evidently representing a way to Jehovah, a picture of the ark of the covenant from the Bible. Below this is the diamond "God" symbol, often used by the Masons, over a temple, possibly representing the Biblical temple of Jerusalem. Evidently, it is thought that this kind of graphic in some unexplained way is evidence that Russell was into "cults." In reality, although we can find no evidence that Russell ever used such a graphic as pictured, I find nothing at all in the graphic that is related in any way as proof of Russell as being "into cults." What relationship this graphic is supposed to have with Russell is not even given, but the author of the video leaves one to imagine that there is some kind of unexplained relationship, and that this unexplained relationship evidently is supposed to give evidence that Russell was into "cults." As a matter of fact, if one critically examines the graphic, the effect of the claims made would leave the implication that the Bible itself is into "cults."

The Scope of Freemasonry

We are next presented a graphic that presents the levels of the Freemasons' organization in the shape of a pyramid. No connection is made with the graphic and Russell, but it is left to the imaginations of the viewer to assume that the pyramid built by Rutherford is connected with the graphic. Many, however, point to Russell's usage of a pyramid in his Chart of the Ages, wherein he depicts the ages and levels of mankind and the exalted bride, and especially as the completed work of bringing mankind back into harmony with God. If Russell, however, is to imagined to be Masonic for using a pyramid to depict the organization of God's kingdom, so likewise should every corporation that uses a pyramid chart to depict the organization of any corporation should be deemed as Masonic. In reality, the evidently imagined implications, when one thinks about it, are actually silly.

Did Russell Try to Figure out the Truth Using the Pyramids of Egypt?

We are next presented with the falsehood that Russell tried to figure out the truth by using the pyramids of Egypt. This idea is often presented by those not very familiar with Russell's writings, and the false assumption is repeated by others without actually investigating for the truth. In reality, anyone familiar with Russell's writing know this to be not true. While Russell did not use the "Great Pyramid" to figure out "the truth", he did use the Great Pyramid to corroborate the truth of the Bible. It was from the Bible itself, and the Bible alone, however, that Russell sought to obtain "the truth." Nor was Russell even interested in "the pyramids [plural] of Egypt" as related to his studies of the Bible. There is only pyramid [singular] -- not pyramids (plural) -- that Russell was interested in as far as corroborating the Bible, and that was the one often called the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid is only one that is identified in the Bible as Jehovah's witness in Egypt.

The Great Pyramid and the Bible

The Pyramid On the US Dollar Bill

Intermixed with flashes of covers of the modern-day Watchtower, one with an evident fraudulent cover of a woman bearing her breasts, an association is evidently attempted to link the pyramid monument in the Rosemont Cemetery with the pyramid picture on the US dollar bill, again, utilizing the word "creepy" to set the tone in the minds of the readers toward whatever implications is thought to be implanted by the alleged association. That there is association in that the monument in the cemetery, and the picture on the dollar bill, is a depiction of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, is not denied -- that association is that both utilize the Great Pyramid of Egypt; other than that, one is left to imagine, aided with loaded words, such as "creepy" and "weird", etc., that all of this is in some unstated way proof that Brother Russell was in some way teaching something gross. A closeup is made of the "eye of God" that is found in the pyramid graphic on the dollar, evidently with the thought that this eye is "creepy." "The eye of Jehovah is to those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy (lovingkindness, World English)."  (Psalm 33:18, Green's Literal) The video would seem to be from the standpoint of one who does not reverence Jehovah, and does not see the eye of Jehovah as a sign of hope of his lovingkindness, but rather as "creepy." It reminds me of John's words concerning Jesus as the light in the world: "This is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their works were evil." -- John 3:19, World English.




  2. Abraham, for some reason I did not know that you had responded here until yesterday.

    Are you with the Jehovah's Witnesses? Please note that Charles Taze Russell was never a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization.

    See: The JW Organization, Armageddon, 1914, and Russell

    Russell Was Not the Founder of the JWs